photo by Samuel Blanc

Under the Ice

Can you imagine living your entire life on—or under—a shelf of sea ice? Weddell seals do. Explore the life of this Antarctic seal to learn what it takes to live in this extreme environment. (September 2012)

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photo by F.C. Robiller
photo by F.C. Robiller

How Bats Slurp at Night

You probably know most bats use echolocation to find their food. But how do they find water? Learn how Stefan Greif answered this surprisingly difficult question. (December 2012) Download pdf: How Bats Slurp at Night

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photo by Ryan E. Poplin

How Brainy are Monkeys?

You may find counting as easy as 1-2-3, but can animals count? Do they need to? Dr. Dawn Kitchen tested black howler monkeys in the jungles of Belize to find out, and the answer came through loud and clear. (March 2013) Download pdf: How Brainy are Monkeys?

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photo by Ken Conger/NPS

How Many Turns for the Tern?

Scientists have known for many years that Arctic terns migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back each year, but just how far do they really fly? Dr. Egevang used geolocators to find out, and the results stunned everyone—even him! (June 2013) Access the article online

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photo by Krzysztof Dreszer

Champions of Hibernation

You may think dormice hang out with the Mad Hatter, but in real life they’re some of the longest-hibernating mammals. Find out more about these super sleepy critters. (May 2014) Download pdf: Champions of Hibernation

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photo by Alvesgaspar
photo by Alvesgaspar

Bee? Wasp? Flower Fly!

Ever have a feeling something is hovering near your head, watching your every move? There’s a good chance it’s a flower fly. (May 2019)