I’ve got more books on the way … learn about them here!


From Holiday House’s Books for a Better Earth collection, this book about the incredible sniffer dogs helping to keep our ecosystems free of invasive species is due out in September. I got to do some adventurous research for this one–including rafting down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park with some phenomenal dog-handler teams.


Another book for the Books for a Better Earth collection! This book is all about—you guessed it—Chicago’s Wild Mile. This stretch of the Chicago River is bounded by steel retaining walls. No river banks. No plants. No wildlife. And no way for people to get down to the water to kayak or canoe. But Urban Rivers is changing that by adding floating habitat—for animals and people. It’s just one example of ways people are helping to rewild cities to make way for all the creatures that belong there.


My debut picture book, this story showcases one of many ways we can reintroduce animals to their ancestral homelands to restore our natural ecosystems. I am so grateful to the Tulalip Tribes for allowing me to share this story about their restoration efforts and can hardly wait to see how Métis illustrator Natasha Donovan brings it to life.