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Animal Climate Heroes in yellow text above four superhero-styled animals: whale, elephant, echidna, and sea otter. They are leaping out from planet Earth.

Animal Climate Heroes!

In our left corner we have the meanest villain that’s ever existed. Responsible for rising seas and loss of biodiversity, it’s climate change ready to wreak havoc on Earth. But in our right corner? We have four superheroes ready to save the day!

Rhinos in Nebraska

Rhinos in Nebraska tells the tale of a supervolcano, its aftermath, and the intrepid scientist who discovered one of the world’s greatest paleontology sites–an ancient Nebraska waterhole filled with the fossilized skeletons of hundreds of animals that look like they came straight out of Africa.

Orange and black cover with Rhinos in Nebraska in yellow font above black, block-cut rhinos running from an erupting volcano.
Blue and yellow National Geographic Kids Weird but true logo

Weird but True

Weird and wacky and totally true! If that’s your scene, you’ve come to the right place.

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