Oceanus The Journal of Our Ocean Planet


Critical support for ocean innovation

Supporting innovative ocean research and climate solutions. Oceanus. November 20, 2023. Available online.

Will the Gulf Stream really shut down?

A Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution oceanographer weighs in. Oceanus. Ocean Fact-checker. November 9, 2023. Available online.

Up close and personal

Ocean robots work alongside marine animals to study their behavior. Oceanus. August 30, 2023. Available online.

It’s always freezing in the Arctic. Or is it?

Digging into a popular misconception that the Arctic is always frigid. Oceanus. August 28, 2023. Available online.

Pakistan’s ocean of water

How interactions between the Pacific and Indian Oceans influenced Pakistan’s devastating monsoon rains. Oceanus. January 18, 2023. Available online.

Is sea-level rise exaggerated?

Debunking a long-standing myth. Oceanus. Ocean Fact-checker. September 19, 2022. Available online.

Ocean acidification is no big deal, right?

The very real phenomenon of an increasingly acidic ocean and the toll it’s taking on marine life. Oceanus. Ocean Fact-checker. September 19, 2022. Available online.


Predation, Herbivory, and Parasitism

Predation, herbivory, and parasitism coexist within ecological communities. How do these interactions create dynamic, ever-changing biological systems? (2010) Available online. (Advanced high school/college)

Dynamics of Predation

How do predation and resource availability drive changes in natural populations? (2010) Available online. (Advanced high school/college)

Introduction to Basic Drivers of Climate

Climates on Earth vary from the warm, wet tropics to the cold, dry Arctic and Antarctic. What drives this variation? (2011) Available online. (Advanced high school/college)

Factors Affecting Global Climate

What causes winds and ocean currents? Why has Earth’s climate changed in the past, and how has it affected the distribution of organisms? (2011) Available online. (Advanced high school/college)

Animal Cognition

How do animals use the information they obtain from their environment to move through space, time their activities, assess quantity, or remember the past? (2012) Available online. (Advanced high school/college)