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I’m award-winning children’s author Dr. Alison Pearce Stevens. Thanks for stopping by my site!

As a writer for kids, I wear two hats—I’m a science writer by day and a spinner of tall nature and science tales by night. I’ve got lots of fun stuff here for kids, parents, and teachers. Click on any of the links above to find out more.

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November 29, 2023

World Read Aloud Day

Globe sitting behind an open book that has stars and a rocket coming from the pages.Ready for World Read Aloud Day? The 2024 WRAD will take place on February 7, and I’m excited to talk with schools across the country–and around the world! If you’d like to schedule me to talk with your students, please see my WRAD page for details on how to do so. My books are written for upper elementary and middle school.




September 20, 2023

Gold Standard Selection!

Gold circle that reads JLG Gold Standard
I am so honored that the Junior Library Guild has selected Animal Climate Heroes! as a Gold Standard book (my second!). I’m thrilled to know this book will be in libraries across the nation, where kids can learn how to protect our animal climate heroes–and become climate heroes themselves.



September 12, 2023

Cover Reveal!

Animal Climate Heroes in yellow text above four superhero-styled animals: whale, elephant, echidna, and sea otter. They are leaping out from planet Earth.
Animal Climate Heroes! has a cover, and what a spectacular cover it is! Huge thanks to Jason Ford for his fun, powerful illustrations. This book, which will be available March 5, highlights just a few of the incredible critters that help us fight climate change just by doing what they do. This book is for anyone who wants to know how to protect the animals that help protect our planet–or how to become a climate hero of their own. Want a copy? You can preorder it now! If you want a signed copy plus some fun swag, see more info on the Books page.




December 1, 2022

Detective Dogs are on the Case!

I am delighted to announce yet another book that will be out in 2024. This one is all about the amazing sniffer dogs and their handlers who search out problematic invasive species to protect our natural lands. I’m super excited to work with Alex Aceves and the Holiday House team working to create Books for a Better Earth!

Thumbnail photo of author with text announcement of forthcoming book.


October 22, 2022

Nebraska Book Awards!

Cover of Rhinos in Nebraska with award winner sticker next to three Nebraska Book Award plaques

I accepted three awards for Rhinos in Nebraska at the Celebration of Nebraska Books: Youth Book, Illustration, and Nonfiction: Natural History. I am so honored that my book, illustrated by Matt Huynh (congratulations, Matt!), did so well.