Last week was a huge one for me. First we got the outdoor classroom installed at my kids’ school. Then on Saturday, I had my first book signing at the Bookworm Book Store in Omaha, Nebraska–and sold out of books in 10 minutes! (Okay, truth be told, the big box of books they ordered didn’t arrive on time, so there weren’t all that many copies to begin with, but it sure sounds impressive.)

Showing this enthusiastic bunch some of my favorite stories.


signing 2
Signing books for my young fans. Oh my goodness: I have fans!

Lucky for me, I was part of an Exotic Animals Day, so there was lots to keep everyone entertained even without enough books on hand. We had four tarantulas (three different types), three scorpions that glowed under a black light, a thelyphonid (AKA whip scorpion), a brown recluse, and an amblypygid (AKA whip spider).

When you run out of books, it’s always handy to have some cool critters on hand to share with curious kids. Showing these two how the thelyphonid lost its tail.

An amblypygid is featured on page 94 of Weird but True Ripped from the Headlines 2, thanks to my good friend, arachnologist Eileen Hebets (who also provided many of the critters for the morning’s activities).

Thanks to the Bookworm for inviting me to be part of such a great event!

First book signing!
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