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8 April 2014

Spring is here!

Days are getting longer (and warmer) and it's time to come out of hibernation. Check out the May issue of Highlights for "Champions of Hibernation," my story about fat dormice. They hibernate for 7-8 months each year, packing on the pounds—er, ounces before heading back into their nests for the winter (and fall and spring). I must say, they are quite possibly the most adorable critters on the planet. I also have "Pollinator Gardening" in the spring issue of Trail Tales—just in time to head outside and dig in the dirt!

26 February 2014

School visit fun

Thanks to the fourth grade students at Castelar Elementary School for a terrific school visit! You were a wonderful audience and asked great questions. So glad I could be part of your non-fiction writing project!

27 January 2014


I'm now contributing short news stories ("snapshots") to the Science News for Students site! I won't be linking to them all here (they're short and sweet and there might be a lot of them!), but here's my first: Mapping our carbon footprints.

10 January 2014

Happy New Year!

The new year is off to an exciting start! My lastest Science News for Students story, Why are bees vanishing? is near and dear to my beekeeping heart.

11 December 2013

Changing fast!

Ever wonder how critters adapt to a rapidly changing world? Find out in my latest Science News for Students story, Caught in the Act.

1 August 2013

It's a Jungle Out There!

Plants growing on the sides of buildings? Prairie grasses on the roof? You bet! Cities of the future might just be teeming with nature. Find out more in my story "It's a Jungle Up There" in the July/August issue of ASK magazine.

17 July 2013

Down and dirty

Not only is it okay to get dirty, it may even help prevent asthma and allergies! Find out why (and how to clean up properly after playing outdoors) in my latest Science News for Students story, Some dirt won't hurt.

10 May 2013

Flying High!

The June issue of Highlights is out and this time my article is not only in the magazine, but also available online! So excited to share "How Many Turns for the Tern?"

10 April 2013

Unlocking the secret to change

Heard of stem cells but not sure what they are? Even if you think you know, check out my latest Science News for Students piece on the stem cell research. These unusual cells are now personalized, easy to get, and hold the potential to cure any number of health issues. Stem cells: The secret to change

25 February 2013

Lions and monkeys and more, oh my!

Funny how long gaps are punctuated by several publications in quick succession. You can read about Dawn Kitchen's discovery that howler monkeys can count in the March issue of Highlights. Or about Peyton West's super-cool experiment that helped her figure out why lions have manes in the March issue of ASK magazine. Or, if sports are more your thing, check out my Science News for Students article on Concussion: more than 'getting your bell rung'.