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Male lion with big, shaggy mane stands on grassy plain.

Mane Attraction

The lion’s mane is probably the best-known symbol of nature, but why do lions have manes? Peyton West took life-sized stuffed animals to the Serengeti to answer this centuries-old question. (March 2013) Download pdf: Mane Attraction

Download classroom activities: Mane Attraction supplement

High rise building with green space on top.

It’s a Jungle Up There

Ever heard the term “it’s a jungle out there”? Cities of the future might be just that. Landscape architects are busy designing living walls and green roofs in cities around the world. And the benefits of doing so are extensive. (July/August 2013) Download pdf: It’s a Jungle Up There

Download classroom activities: It’s a Jungle Up There supplement

Koala munching on eucalyptus leaves

At the Animal Clean-Plate Club

Are you a picky eater or do your tastes tend toward the adventurous? Meet some of nature’s pickiest—and most adventurous—eaters and learn how such particular appetites can be advantageous. (May/June 2015) Download pdf: At the Animal Clean-Plate Club

Download classroom activities: At the Animal Clean-Plate Club supplement

Model of planet Earth surrounded by recycling bins of different colors.

A Trash-Free Future?

Can you imagine a world without trash? It’s possible, but it will take some creative thinking and creative building. One day, we might repair, reuse, and recycle everything. Take a glimpse of this trash-free future. (March 2019) Download pdf: A Trash-Free Future?

Download classroom activities: A Trash-Free Future? supplement (Grades 1 to 5)

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