photo by Samuel Blanc

Under the Ice

Can you imagine living your entire life on—or under—a shelf of sea ice? Weddell seals do. Explore the life of this Antarctic seal to learn what it takes to live in this extreme environment. (Highlights, online. September 2012)

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photo by Krzysztof Dreszer

Champions of Hibernation

You may think dormice hang out with the Mad Hatter, but in real life they’re some of the longest-hibernating mammals. Find out more about these super sleepy critters. (Highlights, May 2014) Download pdf: Champions of Hibernation

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photo by Healthnutlady

photo by Healthnutlady

Why are bees vanishing?

Scientists find a combination of threats, from pesticides to climate change, may explain declining bee populations.   (Science News for Students, online. January 10, 2014)

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photo by Claire Fackler/NOAA

photo by Claire Fackler/NOAA

Caught in the act

How do species adapt to a changing environment? Scientists observe species  in the process of evolving. (Science News for Students, online. December 11, 2013)

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photo by Derek Ramsey

photo by Derek Ramsey

Pollinator Gardening: A little goes a long way!

You know pollinators are important. You know we depend on them for much of our food. So why not create a space that’s just for them? (Trail Tales, online. Spring 2014)

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photo by Jennyvids

Tiny plastic, big problem

Scientists find that tiny pieces of plastic travel great distances and wind up inside marine animals, threatening the ocean’s ecosystems. (Online. April 10, 2015)

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common marmoset

photo by Tim Ellis

Cool jobs: Getting in your head

Psychology isn’t just about lending a sympathetic ear. Come meet a trio of experimental psychologists who study the brain and behavior in everything from dogs to monkeys to people. (Online. December 8, 2015)

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